The Lemang Production Sharing Contract (PSC) was awarded the working contract area, in the northern most part of the hydrocarbon-rich South Sumatra basin, on 18 January 2007. A proven region for oil and gas production with transportation infrastructure already in proximity the block, approximately 300km from Singapore, is ideally situated for oil and gas distribution to regional markets.

Following reprocessing and interpretation of seismic data in 2011 and completion of civil works to access the area, exploration drilling commenced in 2012. Eneco Energy heralded the Selong-1 discovery in December 2012 and continued successful exploration and appraisal of the field with success in both the Akatara-1 and Akatara-2 wells in May 2013 and February 2014 respectively. Subsequently, Plan of Development (PoD) was submitted to the Government of Indonesia, with approval granted in August 2015.

In May 2016, Mandala Energy Lemang Limited (Mandala), backed by leading global investment firm KKR, took over the operatorship of the Lemang PSC.

Currently, the Participating Interest holders of the Lemang PSC are as follows: